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Sensor modules for harsh environments

Does your application need measurements in extreme conditions such as temperature cycling, high humidity or outdoor-environments? Are your electronics subject to high voltages, corrosion, harsh chemicals or mechanical stress and G-force? Does your industry require rugged parts with extreme condition ratings and specifications?

With more than 20 years of experience in developing sensors and electronics for harsh environments, Ninix Technologies can ensure the reliability of your product in these extreme conditions.

These are some realisations of sensor modules, mostly for the automotive industry.
measure position, corrosion, pressure, speed and vibration in the transmission, clutch or motor compartiment.


Potting electronics

Potting and encapsulation resins offer the highest level of protection of your electronics.
By using a combination of cleaning, pretreatment, potting and curing technologies, your product can be protected from corrosion, thermal or physical shock.

The potting insulation combines good electrical properties (high voltage insulation) with excellent mechanical protection.




Our services

  • We design and manufacture sensors, with unique combinations of functions
  • Via comparative test designs and validations, we determine the optimal technology choices for your application
  • Our product development team (re)designs and customizes your product according to this outcome
  • Designs with low initial costs – Fast time to market by an agile an innovative company.
  • Manufacturing : We provide manufacturing, testing & validation facilities for your product
  • Automotive validation : We're IATF 16949 certified.
  • In-house automation : Gradual automation following your project volume growth


About NiniX Technologies

  • Our 2 main activities are :
    • Design and production of sensor modules
    • Machine building / automatic assembly solutions
  • Our end customers for automotive sensor modules are : Tremec, Magna, Ferrari, Mercedes AMG, McLaren.


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