• Corrosion sensor
  • Outdoor LED tubes

When using electronics and sensors in outdoor, underwater or extreme environments, encapsulating or potting the electronics can provide adequate protection and ensure reliability and service life.

With our many years of experience in product development and production of potted components, such as sensors for HVAC, sensors in transmissions, automotive, high-voltage units, ... NiniX Technologies has extensive expertise to provide specific and independent advice and to find solutions for your potting application.

Via comparative test designs and validations, we determine the optimal solution for your application.

We can also assist in the development, integration and automation of the potting processes:
Casting resin choices, surface treatment, mixing, dosing, curing, process controls and testing. See Process technologies.

NiniX Technologies is a member of IMEC's “Electronics Design & Manufacturing” and shares its potting expertise in their workshops.
: Potting Workshop report

NiniX Technologies is partner in the European Ecsel project on reliability of electronics.

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