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Industry 4.0 is not a buzzword for us.

Long before this term even existed, we have been developing machinery with the Industry 4.0 principles.
That's because we are convinced that they greatly improve the efficiency of automated production tools,
without the need of large investments.


How we use Industry 4.0 in automation :

Our vision, and how we practically implement Industry 4.0, is easily explained in 3 steps.


1. Remote access

First, we make sure that all machine controllers are, by secure means, remotely accessible. This is done with modern, fast and secure technology networking standards. Benefits :

  • Maintenance : any software improvement can be implemented without the need to go physically to the machine with a laptop.
  • Remote assistance : we, or your service technicians, can immediatly connect to the machine from anywhere in the world when there is a service call.
  • Monitoring : in real-time we can analyze or service standstills, failures or productivity losses.


2. Big data

Secondly, we implement extensive traceability (big data) of all measurements, test results, cycle times, batch and OEE-information of all products that were produced. This big data is stored and available in an SQL-database on your network.


3. Analysis and optimization

Finally, by analyzing this big data, it is possible to optimize processes, and then implement these optimizations via the remote possibilities that were explained in point 1.


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