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Cobots (or collaborative robots) are designed to share a workspace with humans, making automation easier than ever before, and creating new applications for a wide variety of sectors.

The main difference between cobots and traditional robots is the sensitivity of a cobot. A cobot is equipped with sensors that ensure that the cobot is sensitive to the environment and touches. This makes it possible for a cobot to work with people where the chance of an accident is minimal. Another advantage of cobots is the way of programming. A traditional robot needs a lot of time to be programmed and that requires some knowledge. A cobot, on the other hand, can be programmed in a short amount of time with user-friendly software and mobile applications. A collaborative robot could easily perform different tasks and thanks to its mobility it is extremely flexible. A perfect solution for production companies with low volumes and high variety in the production line.



Have a look at this article in the VOKA-magazine 'Ondernemers' about our realisation using a a cobot with artificial intelligence in a sheet metal application. This realisation was done for our customer Aluscreen in Ichtegem.


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