• Corrosion sensor
  • Outdoor LED tubes

The NiniX Technologies team provides manufacturing, testing & validation of electronic modules for the lighting, outdoor display, smart building, automotive & medical applications.


NiniX Technologies is manufacturing in Bruges own branded automotive sensor modules following IATF 16949 certified processes.

We offer our manufacturing capabilities for your products following your needs:

  • Prototypes series
  • Subcontracting – OEM
  • Pilotproduction:  we can build your automation and manufacture untill transfer to a production facility


We offer following development and manufacturing services:

  • ISO 13485 certification:  setting up of  a quality management system.
  • Validationtesting: HALT, climatological,  pressure-cooker
  • End of Line testing - Burn-in
  • Cleaning of process residues
  • Plasma &surface treatments to improve adhesion
  • X-ray inspection / CT-scan


Some technologies that we have available:



ISO 13485 Certified     ISO TS Certified


Don't hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page.

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