• Visual inspection

In automation, machine vision is increasingly gaining popularity due to lower hardware costs and more user-friendly systems. Machine vision is contactless, high speed and reliable. It can be used for a broad range of testing applications, such as localisation of mechanical parts, ‘golden template’ comparison and accurate measurements of geometry, dimensions, color, light output…


National Instruments smartcamNiniX Technologies has years of experience with machine vision systems. We develop turn-key vision solutions, including the hardware (camera, optics, lighting) and software (image processing) for independent vision systems or as part of an automated assembly line. We have expertise in high-speed ‘in motion’ measurement, 3D-inspection, wireless image transfer (wifi), μm-accuracy measurements and stand-alone smart cameras.


We have expierinece with multiple types and brands of vision-systems.


As with test and measurement applications, using LabVIEW we provide a complete solution for acquiring, processing and displaying images, communicating results and generating reports.


Some realisations:



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