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NiniX Technologies is launching a new module for active noise cancelling in the automotive market.

By using the latest accelerometer and A²B-technology, it delivers ultimate comfort for driver & passengers.
Completely modular, the sensor design can be customized to meet specific needs.
It's unique features are the very low latency, IP69k sealing and flexibility in design.


How does it work?

The new 2838 sensor module senses chassis vibrations and structure-born road noise.
This unwanted noise inside the cabin of the vehicle, is reduced in realtime by the anti-noise generated by the system.

Multiple sensor modules are fitted close to the wheel arches of the vehicle, and are interconnected by the A²B-bus. The unique IP69 sealing technique guarantuees adequate protection and reliability in these extreme conditions of vibrations, salt, water,...
The sensor module is developed in close cooperation with Analog Devices.



Key features

  • Very low latency : 90 μs typical at 4 kHz bandwidth
  • Cost effective : By using the A²B automotive bus, the modules can be daisy chained, which results in system-wide savings in cabling costs.
  • High reliability : The unique sealing technique protects the electronics from the wheel arches harsh environment.
  • Flexibility : Aspects such as mounting style, positioning, housing, connector, can be customized.
  • Dynamic : Fast time to market by an agile an innovative company.



 About NiniX Technologies

  • Experts in components for high reliability and automotive industry
  • Experts in A²B - close cooperation with Analog Devices
  • Passion for audio
  • Complete product solutions, tailered to your needs
  • Designs with low initial costs – fast time to market
  • In-house automation : Gradual automation following your project volume growth
  • IATF 16949 certified – in-house automotive validation



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