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NiniX Technologies, Your LabVIEW Partner!


Are you looking for a partner for LabVIEW development, to program your test & measurement systems or industrial controllers?
Is LabVIEW not your core-business, and you want to outsource this to experts?

Our software-team, existing of only certified LabVIEW developers, has more than 15 years of expertise in automation projects.
As a certified Alliance Partner of National Instruments (www.ni.com), we are known for our succesful approach of LabVIEW projects in different industries. Here you'll find our Alliance Member-page at National Instruments.

With the LabVIEW development environment, we can implement all aspects of software-applications (such as logic, visualisation, logging, communication,...) in an efficient way and in a predictable and optimal time.

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How do we work?

We can work for you in different ways :

  1. Project-based : Do you prefer a fixed price? We'll make a quotation for you. This can be for only the software-part, but it can also hold the mechanical and electrical development and realisation.
  2. Hourly rate: Would you rather strenghten your team with LabVIEW-experts for a certain time? Our people will work with your team, part- or fulltime, at your site, at very competitive rates.



The NiniX Technologies software-engineers have a broad experience in these aspects :

  • Deep analysis and study of the customers project
  • We create efficient code that is very modular and readable.
  • Extensive experience in data acquisition (DAQ), machine vision (IMAQ), communication via bussystems (Ethernet, CAN, OPC UA, EtherCAT,...), object-oriented programming
  • Communication with external PLC's and other 3rd party controllers (Siemens, Beckhoff,...)
  • Communication with database-servers and operation/reporting via tablet.
  • We can advise concerning the correct hardware and software-approach for your project
  • Fast and complex realtime controlsystems (CompactRIO) or automation of fully automatic assembly lines
  • Analysis/cleaning up/bugfixing and continuation of existing LabVIEW-code
  • Training


The source-code that we write for you, is always delivered to you.

Would you like te know more? Don't hesitate to contact us via our contact page.

Here's some more info about our activities : Software-consulting, Test & Measurement, NiniX Automation

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