• Corrosion sensor
    Corrosion sensor

    Development and manufacturing of a corrosion sensor for use in central heating systems

  • Outdoor LED tubes
    Outdoor LED tubes

    Assembly and potting of outdoor LED tubes

Automated potting of outdoor LED display
Based on our material knowledge, surface treatment and metering & mixing technologies for glues and potting materials, NiniX Technologies develops and manufactures electronic modules for use outdoor, underwater and in harsh environments, such as:
  • Outdoor video LED modules
  • Outdoor and underwater LED lighting
  • IP68 sensors & modules
  • Sensors for the extreme temperature and pressure environment of transmissions
  • Outdoor access control
  • Central heating sensor modules: corrosion, waterquality


Full protection of outdoor electronics by potting with epoxy, polyurethane rubber or silicones: from thermally conductive materials to fully transparent materials are available.


With our engineering and manufacturing services, we can also offer you the the facilities for manufacturing your components. Don't forget to visit these pages!


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