• Outdoor LED tubes
    Outdoor LED tubes

    Assembly and potting of outdoor LED tubes

  • Corrosion sensor
    Corrosion sensor

    Development and manufacturing of a corrosion sensor for use in central heating systems

NiniX Technologies develops and manufactures a range of sensor modules  for gearbox and dual clutch transmissions, such as:

  • Speed sensors
  • Temperature  sensors
  • Hall positions sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Combined sensor modules


Our sensors are rated at  high temperatures  (150°C) and withstand the aggressive oil environment inside the transmission and under the hood.

We develop sensor modules following customer specific requirement specifications: materials, mechanical design, electrical circuit, software, interconnection and packaging methods are optimized following the requirements.
Our PT1000 3-fold temperature sensor module has an exceptional 1 second reaction time.


Development & manufacturing following automotive standards ISO/TS 16949.

Customers include first tier German and North American automotive suppliers and are typically used in premium German, Italian and British sports cars.


ISO TS Certified

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